Fran’s Salted Caramel

For a gift that says “I love you”, you can’t go wrong with salted caramels from Fran’s Chocolate. From the oncious caramel topped with fleur de sel to untying that silky bow you’ll be transported to chocolatier in Paris.

Cedar and Spokes

This trending coffee shop has Pour Over sets available for purchase. Ideal gift for the coffee aficionado!

Cedar & Spokes Pour Over Set

Cedar & Spokes Pour Over Set

indi chocolate

Indi’s Rose chocolate lotion is moisturizing and smells like chocolate!

Seattle Cutlery

A Tojiro Shippu Paring Knife is exceptional for close knifework and fine details on garnishes!

Their Microplane (best for zesting citrus) is worthy of any chef or mixologist.

What is an expensive blade worth once it gets scratched up? Nothing…

Seattle Cutlery also sells stylish knife cases and bags to protect your knives.


Sur La Table

Sur La Table is one of my favorite places to assemble a kitchen. Their Peeler Set is something all aspiring mixologists must have on hand. The set is adaptable for garnishes, twists, and other fun mixology techniques.

Includes: Straight Peeler, Julienne Peeler, and Serrated Peeler.