With the smell of Spring in the air, us chefs are itching to move on from Winter squash and kale to play with these new fresh and colorful ingredients in the market. Below are some of the Spring favorites that we look forward to:

Remember the Ides of March for this: The day after Caesar dies you can get seasonal halibut! At long last, Halibut comes back mid-March.

Packed with protein, omega 3s, and delicious flavor, halibut is a refreshing addition to your diet with the changing season.

Our partner Pure Food Fish Market is the place to go for the freshest fish.

halibut pea puree.jpg

Bright red rhubarb is coming into season! You’ll enjoy its tangy crunch and feel good knowing you’re getting a good dose of calcium, vitamin c and vitamin k with each bite. To dress up your next meal, try making Chef Eric’s ‘Rose Petal Rhubarb’!

To do so, slice a rhubarb stock finely and place on a baking sheet at 350 F and bake for 30 minutes. The rhubarb will dehydrate into little ‘rose petals’ that make a beautiful and delicious garnish for your meal.

Our philosophy of starting with fresh ingredients and letting them shine especially holds true for Mount Vernon strawberries. We emulsify them into salad dressings and use them in a variety of our dessert recipes but they also shine perfectly well on their own in salads or an afternoon snack. Grown locally, in Skagit Valley, you can even spend an afternoon picking your own. You’ll start seeing these pop up in April and May (depending on the weather). Stop by Frank’s Quality Produce and Chaz will give you a taste if you ask politely.


Asparagus has always been a favorite amongst Northwest households and it’s easy to see why. This Spring superfood makes a delicious side to any savory dish.

There are hundreds of ways to prepare them but one of our favorites is simply roasting them up with garlic butter, salt, and pepper.

If you want to get fancy, you can dress up your asparagus with some black truffle salt from Truffle Queen; we guarantee there won’t be any leftovers.

If you’re craving fruits and veggies that aren’t quite in season, go to Simply the Best in Pike Place Market. They have delicious sour cherries to top your salads, dried apples to throw into your trail mix, and (my personal favorite) dried cantaloupe.

Ask their friendly staff for recommendations if you’re stuck. Produced in Omak Washington, they pride themselves on naturally preserving fruits and vegetables. Stop by their stand; it’s located right under the Public Market Center sign in Pike Place Market.

Happy Spring cooking!