Liz McCune

10 Chef Favorite Spots Near Pike Place Market & The Waterfront

Liz McCune
10 Chef Favorite Spots Near Pike Place Market & The Waterfront

Seattle, Washington has become a haven for foodies. There are copious options for people to stop in for a delightful meal or a remarkable cocktail. As discerning chefs in the greater Seattle area, we’ve had the opportunity to taste a number of dishes and drinks. We thought we’d share some of our favorites. Here are our top 10 favorite spots near Seattle’s waterfront!

Spot #1 Matt’s in the Market

Matt’s In the Market is located in the heart of Pike Place. This restaurant has an astonishingly creative menu driven by ingredients from the market.

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Spot #2 Steelhead Diner

Steelhead Diner is located right next to Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Pike Place Market.

This upscale diner offers comfort food that showcases all the best flavors of the Northwest! Equipped with a back patio and a view of Post Alley, Steelhead is ideal for that Instagram pic.

Hack Pack: The Dungeness crab tater tots are any local’s favorite dish.

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Spot #3 Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar is a fabulous place to spend time with friends and loved ones. Chef Eric Is the dessert chef here (Bread pudding, creme brûlée, and more)!

Purple Cafe is known for wine pairings, seafood, fresh kinds of pasta, and highlighting our seasonal ingredients.

Chef Eric has a few personal favorite dishes. The Basil Pesto fresh pasta or the Chicken and Brie sandwich for lunch. For dinner, he recommends the Dungeness Crab Cakes or the Pan Seared Halibut.

p.s. Happy hour is from 2:00pm-5:00pm… You’re welcome!

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Spot #4 Local 360

Local 360 is a high concept restaurant focused on all things…you guessed it… LOCAL! With the demand for eating local, the menu changes based on what is coming in from Washington farms. There is always a chef inspired three-course menu that will feature the best of whatever the kitchen over-ordered that week (We HIGHLY recommend this). These chefs are a must see in Seattle. For a more casual option… Local 360 also runs Belltown Brewing!

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Spot #5 The Pink Door

The Pink Door is the place to be and reservations can be hard to secure. This spot is PERFECT for date night! The menu is Southern Italian cuisine enhanced with local seafood. Think fresh pasta with Penn Cove mussels and a white wine garlic reduction!

“I ALWAYS get the whole fish on special… That's my favorite.” - Chef Eric

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Spot #6 Etta’s

Naturally when visiting Seattle you’re looking for authentic PNW seafood. Etta’s offers an array of fresh seafood options. Don’t miss Chef Tom Douglas’s famous crab cakes. They also have Crabby Hour starring local shellfish at reasonable prices!

If you are looking for a pared down menu with local seafood options… Seatown Bar is the place for you!

Culinary pro tip! If you find yourself at a restaurant with 30 different seafood options run the other way! This would be considered a tourist trap.

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Spot #7 Orfeo

This hidden gem is a classic Italian restaurant influenced by the Pacific Northwest.

Orfeo features a coal fire oven which makes delicious oven roasted mussels, brick oven charred pizzas, and MORE…) Plus this spot is ideal for large groups. You can even spot Chef Owner Kevin Davis popping in and out every so often.

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Spot #8 Cafe Campagne

First off… I love this spot because it’s called Cafe Champagne. I was originally attracted to this French bistro because of their name and their food did not disappoint. Situated right in Post Alley between Pine and Stewart, you’ll feel like you have been transported to an alley in Paris. They have delicious french onion soup (which is a must) and a classic bistro menu using ingredients from Pike Place Market. Feel like a world traveler in a classic Parisian Brasserie while eating local… Can’t get much better than that!

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Spot #9 La Fontana Siciliana

If you are planning a trip to Seattle in the summer, MAKE SURE you eat at this Sicilian style restaurant. La Fontana Siciliana has a magnificent outdoor dining courtyard with a fountain!

Bring your favorite people and plan for an authentic Italian, leisurely meal! Also… they have an extensive wine list!

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Spot #10 Marrakesh

Marrakesh is easily my favorite to get an authentic Moroccan experience.

Be prepare to sit down and enjoy a flavorful multi-course meal with several shared plates. This restaurant is the real deal!

Go with friends because sharing a variety dishes is the best way to taste the unique flavors of Northern Africa. Your meal will finish with mint tea, dessert, and a rosewater hand wash.

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Now you have a extensive guide through the food and drink world of downtown Seattle. If you’re looking for more suggestions of places to eat in Seattle neighborhoods, frequent this blog or follow our instagram @eat_seattle!

Cheers to eating and drinking well, friends!


Post by Natalya Niehaus