Let’s face it…taking pictures of food can be hard work. First, there is the dread of everyone staring at you while you stand up with your iPhone in the middle of the restaurant BUT you need to capture the moment before you eat! Secondly, it’s almost impossible to get a good picture on the first try. So there you are taking your sweet time as the hot food gets cold. You snap some quick pictures and hope you got the shot before you dive in. Well, dread no more as I am here to give you some quick tips on capturing your food in all of its glory.

1. Lighting is everything! 

The best light is natural light. If you have the option, choose a seat by the window. You are sure to get a good shot with all of that beautiful sunshine on your side. If you are in a situation with no natural lighting, go ahead and use flash but only if it is absolutely necessary! Using a flash on food can make the food look dull and hide all of the beautiful colors on your plate. (Quick tip: you can adjust the exposure on your iPhone before taking the picture. Hold down on the subject, then slide your finger up to increase the brightness or down to make it darker)

2. Capture all angles. 

Getting the right angle for any food photo is crucial. However, that does not mean there is one best angle. Most people like to capture food from straight above. It captures everything on the plate and eliminates any surrounding distractions. But don’t stop there! Do you want to capture the many layers of your lasagna? Take the photo from the side! Do you have a delicious looking hot dog and want to capture the essence of the carnival? Find the right background and shoot! Make your food the star of the photo.


3. Eliminate distractions. 

Most times that you are eating at a restaurant, there are things everywhere! From napkins, drinking glasses, phones, the list goes on… The key to a good food photo is focusing on the food unless the surrounding items strategically play into the story you are trying to tell. Move everything to the side to ensure your photos are free from distractions!


4. Add hands! 

Some of the best food photos are the ones that have a human element to them. It makes the photo feel more inviting. So grab your friends because we need their best hand posing skills! 

5. Find a filter. 

The next step before posting your beautiful food photo is to find a filter! There are so many apps out there to help you achieve whatever vibe you are going for. Do you want an exciting and fun photo? Find a filter that brings out the colors and vividness of the food. Are you going for a softer look? Find a filter that blurs the edges and gives the colors a more subdued mood. Apps like VSCO have great one-touch filters to enhance your photos instantly!  

In the end, food photography is all about having fun and making your friends jealous of your delicious plate of food. Bon Appétit!


By: Britney Beltramo (@shecaneat_)